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Sep 13, 2019

If you need a little guidance when it comes to investing, we’ve put together four financial commandments for you to follow. These will lead you through the uncertain periods of the market and keep you from making any major mistakes.  Thou shalt not ignore this episode.

0:21 – What’s coming up on the show.

1:19 – Listener question: Since I can take money out of my Roth IRA without paying taxes on it, I’m think about doing that to pay for my child’s college. Is that a good idea?  

3:26 – Listener question: My life insurance is about to retire by I assume that’s okay because I’m about to retire. Is that right?

4:48 – Listener question: It’s time for us to do some planning but my husband just wants to keep doing the same things we’ve always done. What can I tell him to get him moving and make some financial decisions?

6:03 – Question from Kim: I pay an annual fee to my financial advisor but we never communicate. I assume he’s paying attention to my accounts but how do I know?

8:37 – Financial commandment 1 – Thou shalt not compare your investments to the stock market without the proper context.

11:32 – Financial commandment 2 – Thou shalt not give up before giving your strategy time to play out.

14:19 – Financial commandment 3 – Thou shalt not chase big returns too late in life.

15:48 – Financial commandment 4 – Thou shalt not ignore costs and fees.


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