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Listen to Johnson Brunetti's Money Wisdom with Joel Johnson CFP®, host of Better Money Television program and Forbes Contributor. Gain true financial wisdom and advice aimed at educating you about all of your financial options when it comes to retirement so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Get information and education that can bring you peace of mind with your savings and retirement. Whether it’s your 401k account, IRA, or an underperforming asset, Joel Johnson can answer your questions and make you more aware of issues that may affect you.

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Sep 29, 2017

Learn the best way to claim social security when you have savings, 401ks, or other investments.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What do you need to know about claiming your social security benefits?
  • Should you delay in taking your benefits as long as possible?
  • Is social security going broke and going to leave you...

Sep 22, 2017

Learn how to save for retirement with a thorough and thoughtful financial plan.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What are some of the fallacies of fuzzy math in retirement planning?
  • What do I need to know about this fiduciary rule?
  • What is a good financial planning process for retirement?

Key Lessons Learned:

Retirement Planning...

Sep 15, 2017

Joel talks about the things that you can’t control and the things that you have to control when it comes to your retirement, that will allow your money to go further than you ever thought.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What are some of the things you can’t control?
  • What are the five things that we can control?

Key Lessons...

Sep 8, 2017

Learn how to make sure your finances are in order when it comes to retirement and your future.

Main Questions Asked:

What is your retirement income strategy?
What are the other habits of successful retirees?

Key Lessons Learned:

The Seven Habits

  • You need an income strategy for the money you have set aside that takes...

Sep 1, 2017

Learn the best practices with 401(k) rollovers and what it means for a financial advisor to specialize in working with retirees.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is the best time to take your social security benefit?
  • How is tax planning different in retirement?
  • How should we address long term care?
  • What about moving in...