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Dec 27, 2019

There are financial lessons to be learned all around us if you’re willing to look a little deeper. Today we’re stepping onto the football field and looking at what we can learn from the country’s most popular sport. We’ll also spend time on income planning and why many people fail to do it properly.


Show Notes and Additional Resources: 


Today's Rundown: 

0:31 – Here’s what we’re talking about on the show.

1:18 – Listener Question: I want to be more aggressive with our retirement savings but my husband is constantly saying we should take less risk. Is it usual to have disagreement between spouses like this?

3:41 – Listener Question: My company matches my 401k contributions but do it with company stock. I’m not excited about that but I don’t want to miss out on any matching funds. Should I still try to put in as much as I can?

4:46 – Let’s talk income planning.

5:03 – If you don’t have an income plan, you don’t have a retirement plan. Does Joel agree?

6:06 – How prepared is the average person in terms of having an income plan in place?

7:05 – Why are so many people unprepared in this area?

8:25 – What are the steps to take to get that income plan in order?

10:42 – Time to take the game of football and apply financial lessons to it.  

11:00 – The Financial Redzone

13:35 – The Hurry-Up Offense might not be too effective in retirement planning.  

15:03 – The Victory Formation

16:57 – Just like in football, coaches make a big difference.