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Listen to Johnson Brunetti's Money Wisdom with Joel Johnson CFP®, host of Better Money Television program and Forbes Contributor. Gain true financial wisdom and advice aimed at educating you about all of your financial options when it comes to retirement so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Get information and education that can bring you peace of mind with your savings and retirement. Whether it’s your 401k account, IRA, or an underperforming asset, Joel Johnson can answer your questions and make you more aware of issues that may affect you.

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Sep 20, 2019

If your planning process ever gets slowed down by obstacles in your decision-making, you surely aren’t alone. There are some roadblocks that we many people deal with and it can make planning difficult. Let’s discuss those challenges and how to work through them. We’ll also address some conventional wisdoms in finance and explain why they aren’t always right.

Today's rundown: 

1:11 – Introducing the topic for today’s episode.

1:45 – Conventional wisdom isn’t always so wise. Example 1 – You can’t go wrong with real estate.   

3:17 – Another example: There is good debt and bad debt. Mortgage debt is good debt.  

4:36 – Conventional wisdom says retirement is a chance to relax after a stressful career.

5:56 – If your investments aren’t doing well, try something else.

7:42 – UBER recently reported a loss of $5 Billion. Would you invest in a company like that with upside potential but hasn’t figured out profitability.

9:40 – Do most people have difficulty shifting mindsets from earning to managing when retiring?

11:26 – Let’s talk about some decision-making impediments.

11:52 – Having too many decisions to make.

13:06 – People that do too much research and now have too much information.

14:19 – General confusion. Some people get overwhelmed thinking about money.

17:12 – Traumatic life events.

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