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Jun 26, 2020

It’s time for another mailbag edition of the show and we’re answer five of your questions that cover a variety of retirement and financial planning topics.


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0:18Mailbag Question #1: All the experts say you should work until 70 and then start Social Security. I’m only 57 and I can’t imagine working 13 more years. How important is this notion of working until 70?

2:02Mailbag Question #2: A home in our neighborhood was recently purchased for $350K and flipped less than a year later for $500K. I’m considering refinancing our home and re-doing our kitchen. Good move?

3:17Mailbag Question #3: I’ve interviewed 7 different financial advisors. They all have aspects that I like but no one seems perfect. Should I keep interviewing or am I being too picky?

6:14Mailbag Question #4: I have a life insurance policy that I’ve had for many years. I was able to stop paying premiums more than a decade ago while keeping the policy in place. But I just got a letter saying I need to start paying again to keep the policy. What happened?

8:45Mailbag Question #5: I have whiplash from watching the market for the last few months. What can I invest in that won’t be so volatile?

10:46 – If you don’t have a plan yet, here’s what you can do to take the first step.