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Jun 19, 2020

Today we’re going to play a little game called ‘Investment or Not?’ where we’ll present a statement to Joel and he’ll tell us whether or not it’s an investment or something else.


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0:20 – Let’s a play a game: Investment or Not

0:36 – 1) I have a long commute to work and need a reliable vehicle so I think it’s a good investment to spend more on a nice car.

1:57 – 2) My wife always nags me about the boxes of old baseball cards I keep in the attic but I have to remind her that they’re an investment.

3:33 – 3) We’re putting in a screened-in porch. It’ll cost a little more than we expected but it’s a good investment in our home.

5:08 – 4) The company is doing well as it is but we can grow a lot faster by hiring this additional person so we’ve decided to make that investment.  

6:08 – 5) We just found a piece of land in the mountains at what seems to be a really good price. We might buy it and eventually build on it or we might just hold onto it and eventually sell it.

7:38 – 6) This stock is rising quickly. I’m investing in 100 shares to hopefully make a quick buck and sell it later this year to pay for a vacation.  

8:43 – What we need to make a recommendation to someone.