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Feb 28, 2020

Charitable donations can be a wonderful thing and many people make that a part of their retirement planning process. Today we’ll share some of the stories of generosity from our clients and how we work with them to build that into their plan.


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Today's show rundown: 

0:34 – In the News: Forbes released the list of the most charitable billionaires. Charity has always been close to Joel’s heart.

2:55 – What does generosity look like for our clients? What kind of giving do we see?

5:12 – Here’s the story of a client that we worked with to build a plan to included setting up a family foundation.

6:27 – Joel explains donor-advised funds.  

7:17 – We’ve had situations where we had to help clients pull back on their giving because the money might run out.  

9:15 – There are times where you have to build a plan for someone before they actually realize they have enough to give.

10:45Mailbag question #1: I’m 60 and I’ve been given two options at work. Keep working for 5-6 years and retire with a pension or retire now, take a severance package and a pension buyout.    

12:27Mailbag question #2: I’m retiring at the end of this year with 18 weeks of vacation and sick leave that I’ll get paid for. If my last paycheck in December, all of that will go towards taxes next year. Should I wait a month to retire so the payout comes next year?

14:07Mailbag question #3: We’re currently building our dream home and will move in in the next year or so. Should we sell the house and invest the cash or keep it as a rental for retirement income?