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Sep 25, 2020

A busy year hasn’t slowed down at all as we move into fall. Let’s look back at some of the top financial headlines from the summer before opening the mailbag to talk insurance, mortgages, and the upcoming election.


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What we discuss on this show: 

1:19 – Salesforce replaces Exxon in the Dow.   

5:04 – Dunkin permanently closing 800 stores by the end of the year

6:36 – Huge number of vacancies in Manhattan apartments. Is this a long-term trend?  

8:21 – A big increase in online shopping this holiday season. FedEx is hiring 70,000 workers to handle shipping increases.  

10:26 – Recent poll found 72% of Americans will prioritize financial planning after the pandemic.

14:51Mailbag Question 1: My husband has a substantial life insurance policy on him so I’m taken care of when he dies, but what happens if State Farm goes bankrupt and can’t pay the benefit?

17:26 –  Mailbag Question 2: I have enough cash to pay off my house but not sure how much it benefits me to pay it off with mortgage rates so low.

19:39Mailbag Question 3: I’m worried about what might happen to the market after the election. Should I be moving my money to cash now?

22:11 – How we can help you on any of these issues.