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Nov 8, 2019

There are scenarios we hear about occasionally but never really see them happen in person. These things often seem too good to be true and maybe they are. We’re going to find out how much ‘fake news’ is out there after Joel clears some things up for us.


Show Notes:


Today's Rundown: 

0:34 – Fun fact: It was 71 years ago when the Chicago Tribune ran the ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ headline.  

2:10 – Today we’ll talking about whether some situations are real or not.

2:26 – Family members gathering in a room to read the will to find out who is inheriting what. Does that happen?

3:29 – People finding an old investment account they had forgotten about. Does that happen?

5:16 – Kids working their way through college these days. Does it happen?

6:56 – People successfully timing the market. Is that real?

8:14 – If timing the market isn’t realistic, what’s the strategy?

10:28 – People retiring and then going back to work because they realize they don’t have enough money. Does this happen?

12:09 – How Joel helps clients find the answers to these questions.

13:56 – In the News: WeWork have delayed laying off thousands of people because they don’t have the cash to cover severance packages. Joel gives a great explanation of the company.

17:29 – Mailbag question: My company contributes to my 401k but it’s only done with company stock. I don’t want to have too much so I’ve just been selling it immediately and buying something else. Is this a bad idea?

19:11 – Mailbag question: We’re trying to figure out the best way to finance our dream home. Which of these options should we choose?

21:02 – Mailbag question: I just turned 70 and I’m about to retire. I recently took a look at how much I need to start withdrawing from my IRAs. It looks like I might have a higher income in retirement than when I’m working. Can they really make me withdraw that much?