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Jul 23, 2021

Real estate can be a huge piece of a financial plan, especially now that mortgage rates are at historic lows. We’ve gotten a lot of question for the show about this topic and today we’re running through nine different mailbag submissions that all tie into real estate. 

As part of our summer podcast series, we're going back to the most popular topics of the past year and revisiting them once again. 


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What we discuss on this episode:

0:20Mailbag Question #1: My house is already paid off but I’m about to sell it to downsize in a condo that’s about $100,000 cheaper. Should I put the money I make into the market?

1:54Mailbag Question #2: I want to start a business and make an addition to my house that will give me the space to do that. Should I take the money from IRAs or take out a business loan?

3:00Mailbag Question #3: I’m thinking about having my mom sign her house over to me in case she goes into a nursing home and runs out of money.

3:57Mailbag Question #4: I have two rental properties that have mortgages on them. I have enough in investments to pay off the mortgages but rent covers the mortgages right now. Do I even need to pay them off?

5:04Mailbag Question #5: I know that I need an emergency fund, but instead of keeping money in a savings account, can I use my home equity line if I need money in a pinch?

6:54Mailbag Question #6: We don’t have much saved but we’re about to sell our farm for just over $1 million. We’ve never really invested in the market so where do we start with this money?

8:28Mailbag Question #7: I wasn’t planning to move but my dream home came on the market. My current home is paid off but I’d have to take out a mortgage on this new one. I’m getting close to retirement so is it a bad idea to carry a mortgage into retirement?

9:51Mailbag Question #8: I’m the executor of my deceased mother’s will. My sister is currently living in mom’s house and I don’t want to kick her out. But I’m worried I’ll need the money from the home’s sell for retirement. How can I figure out if I have enough or if I need to kick her out?

11:34 – How we can help you work through any of these planning issues.